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We are so thankful for generously giving hearts like yours that make this community a better place! We can't wait to spend the day with you, having a blast and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Please check in with your team lead

to collect your volunteer badge

before starting your shift

Below, you will find information according to your respective areas. Scroll down or click on your area for more information:









Volunteer Corner

This event is 100% run by volunteers. Without the gracious support of the community, it could not be possible.  Click below to see all of the volunteer opportunities available!



Flyer Schedule.png


led by Bruce Janzen

06:30AM - Field Set-up

ALL to check in with Bruce Janzen upon arrival.

The following games will be coming from outdoor storage, and will need to be set-up on to the field according to the map above. Labelled station bins and prize bins will be coming from indoor storage.

  • Mini Golf

  • Lucky  Key

  • Fishing Pond

  • Duck Race

  • Bear Hunt

  • Ring Toss

  • Spin the Wheel (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Flower Garden (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Buy the Farm (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Plinko (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Lolli-Tree (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Cupcake Walk (Preschool Tent - map below)

  • Carnival & Glitter Tattoo Stations (Preschool Tent - map below)

Dining Tent

Tables, chairs & tents will all be provided by AJ Tent House. There will be 4 tents with the same setup, aligned as mapped below. The map only shows setup for 1 tent; please duplicate identically.

Preschool Tent

Red tables (on map) are provided by AJ Tent House. Black tables are from Bradner and/or Mt.Lehman Elementary School. Red chairs (on map) are also provided by AJ Tent House.

Flyer Map_edited.jpg
Dining Tent Map_edited.jpg
Preschool Tent Map_edited.jpg

Carnival & Bake Sale Volunteers

led by Elva Lottenbach

10:45AM / 01:00PM Game & Bake Sale Attendants

ALL to check in with Elva Lottenbach at Preschool Tent upon arrival.

Field games are located on the field according to maps above. Game rules are all listed on ticket collecting buckets. There is a 15 minute overlap between shifts to ensure a smooth transition and clear understanding of expectations. 

May Day Breakfast.png

Pancake Breakfast

led by Melissa Crump


ALL to check in with Melissa upon arrival.

Our Kitchen and Front of House Leaders will get a lay of the land and begin preparing for their respective areas.


ALL to check in with Melissa upon arrival.

2 ticket sellers to set up payment station, signage, etc.

3 cooks to begin making cooking bacon, sausages, and bacon.

2 servers to setup ticket collection baskets, chaffers, serving utensils, etc.

2 table clearers to locate all bins, replacement bags, and discard locations.

May Day Parade.png


led by Jocelyn Radom


ALL to check in with Jocelyn at the Envision Financial Ticket Tent. Positions located on Flyer Map above or click HERE

Bradner & Haverman Marshal to direct registered parade traffic to the Parking Lot on Haverman. Limited parking along Haverman. All other traffic to stay on Bradner or eastbound.

Haverman & Parking Lot Marshal to direct only registered parade vehicles into the parking lot. Limited parking along Haverman. All other traffic to stay on Bradner or eastbound.

Bradner & Bradner Church Marshal to direct foot traffic on to field, and all other vehicles to continue northbound.

Bradner & Bradner Hall Marshal to direct only dignitary vehicles into designated stalls. All other traffic to continue on Bradner unless parking stalls available.



led by Kori Wall

09:00AM / 01:00PM

ALL to check in with Kori upon arrival at the Concession stand

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