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Join the Parade!

The infamous Bradner May Day Parade

will begin at 10:00AM


please submit a Parade Application below
or email

with any questions.

Parade Application

Applications for the 2024 Bradner May Day Parade is officially open!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Bradner May Day Parade entrant! Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone for years to come. 

LOCATION: Bradner Road - from Townshipline Road to Haverman Road, 
Abbotsford, BC

DATE: Saturday, May 25, 2024

TIME: 10am - line-up no later than 9:30am to alleviate traffic congestion.


  • creative and colourful floats

  • lively music and entertainment

  • community participation

  • parade treats and giveaways

This parade is curated and only accepted applicants will be contacted. Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. Applications will be reviewed and acceptance will be made based on a number of factors including quality, variety, etc. The event has the right to limit the number of vendors in a particular category.

I require a parking spot in the lot dedicated to parade entrants
Do you authorize Bradner May Day to use photos of your products (from your website or social media) for marketing purposes?
I would like to further my business exposure by donating to the Bradner May Day Silent Auction

So sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 Bradner May Day Parade. Hope to see you in 2025!

Bradner May Day

Terms and Conditions

Bradner May Day's first priority is ensuring the safety of all parade activities, participants, and committee members, and to ensure all entrants comply with local Health and Safety Regulations.

General Information



Participation: If your application is deemed to be inappropriate for the Bradner May Day parade you will receive an email notification informing you that your float has not been accepted.

Important Times


9:30am: Assembly area will begin...

10:00am: Parade begins....

Handouts: If you are handing out any materials, make sure they are being handed directly to spectatos. No throwing of items to the crowds.

All animal entrants must supply their own clean-up crew for assembly area and parade route, or will be denied entry to the parade.



Vehicle Insurance: All vehicles must be licensed and fully insured. Insurance is the responsibility of the entrant. All drivers must hold a valid driver's license. Drivers remain in their vehicles at all times. Vehicles are subject to all sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, enforced by the Abbotsford Police Department.

All entries must be responsible for ensuring that the design and operation of their float/entry is safe and reliable. The driver must remember at all times that there are passengers on board and their safety is a top priority.


Decorations: Vehicles and/or units which constitute a hazard to the safety of the parade is otherwise unsuitable.

Pace of Floats: A distance of 20 feet (6m) must be maintained between parade units. Forward motion must be maintained. Obey parade marshals at intersections. Please avoid unnecessary gaps..

Fire Safety: Smoking and fires are not permitted on or near floats. The Fire Deparment may inspect all floats and decorated units. No combustible materials near exhaust or hot areas, and no open flames are permitted on floats.

All floats and vehicles are subject to safety inspections to ensure they are safe to use in the parade. 

Participants will not mount/dismount from Floats for the duration of the parade.

Floats/vehicles must be able to safely accommodate the number chosen to ride, including adequate room to move around or handholds for everyone.

Disbandment: Vehicles must be road worth, in accordance with the BC Mortor Vehicle Act, upon dispersal. All floats, after having completed the parade route, will disperse at Haverman Road and Bradner Road in 2 ways:

Dedicated Parade Parking: turn right on Haverman Road, and into parking lot behind the field.

Departure: Floats and vehicle entries that wish to go back to their place of business/organization/storage space/home after the parade can continue north on Bradner Road to depart.

parking map.png

Parking Plan

RED - Public Parking

YELLOW - Parade Route

BLUE - Parade Parking

We kindly ask that you leave the parking lot in front of the school for those with accessibility needs. 

will begin at 10:00AM

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